Work in progress


Improving LATE estimation in experiments with imperfect compliance (with S. Loewe).
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Bias-aware inference on LATE with bounded treatment effect heterogeneity (with X. D’Haultfoeuille and S. Loewe).
[ Abstract ]

Empirical welfare maximization and optimal matching policies (with T. Kitagawa).
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Labor Economics

Encouraging and directing job search: direct and spillover effects in a large scale experiment (with L. Behaghel, M. Gurgand, S. Dromundo and T. Zuber).
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Evaluating the effect of training programs on occupational transitions: a correspondence study (with G. Azmat, L. Behaghel, R. Rathelot and J. Sultan).
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Measuring occupational distances and the aggregate potential of training policies for labor force reallocation (with D. Mayaux, K. M. Frick and T. Zuber).
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Evaluating the effect of online training programs on employment: a randomized controlled trial (with P. Arni, L. Behaghel, M. Gurgand, R. Rathelot and T. Zuber).
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